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Screen Innovations’ Slate Practically Doubles in Size with Slate Micro Seam

Remember the enormous ambient light rejecting Slate from InfoComm 2015? SI releases Slate Micro Seam, available in sizes up to 390 inches diagonally.>

Screen Innovations (SI) wowed InfoComm 2015 attendees with the enormous Slate .8, the largest ambient light rejecting screen in the world. Ryan Gustafson, owner of SI, spoke with CI at InfoComm about the company’s newest, true to the name, innovations, including this monster of a screen.

“About ten years ago we released the Black Diamond, which rejects ambient light but it was limited in size,” says Gustafson. “Slate is, for all intents and purposes, unlimited.”

With the Micro Seam material, SI is able to manufacture such a large ambient-light-rejecting screen for practically any commercial or retail environment and “challenge the industry to think beyond antiquated white and gray screens,”

The result is achieved by using a radio frequency welding technique that creates an airtight seal and permanent bond between two materials. The original Slate was available in sizes up to 200 inches diagonally, and Slate .8 goes a bit more than a step further.

The new screen is available in sizes up to 390 inches diagonally in 16:9, with a seam small enough to be invisible at a distance of 20 feet, which for a screen of this size is still considered close-up.

“Since Slate was introduced, it has become one of the most popular ambient-light rejecting screens,” says Skyler Meek, SI’s director of marketing. “Now with Slate Micro Seam, we have expanded our manufacturing capabilities to infinity and beyond!”

SI also adds that its online tools like Screen Calculator, Screen Wizard and Projector Wizard are designed to allow integrators to choose the right screen for each project based on lighting, room size, seating distance and other variables. These tools are available on the Screen Innovations website.

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