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Seco-Larm Launches HDMI Product Line

Manufacturer Seco-Larm announces new HDMI switches, splitters, matrixes and IR-over-HDMI kits.

Seco-Larm is a Southern California company known for its access control and CCTV products.

Expanding its array of solutions to dealers, the Irvine-based manufacturer has announced several new HDMI products.

The Skinny: The newly released products cover a range of installation scenarios, and according to the company the line, which is called the Enforcer HDMI product line, is shipping.

The Specs: The Enforcer HDMI product line includes the MVS-AH41-01NQ 4×1 HDMI switch that supports 1080p and 3D content. The MVD-AH14-01NQ 1×4 HDMI splitter distributes an HDMI source to as many as four displays, and it supports 1080p and 3D.

Other products include the MVM-AH44-01YQ 4×4 HDMI Matrix that provides four inputs and four outputs, as well as the ability to support a variety of video formats and control protocols, including RS-232.

Seco-Larm’s MVE-PN11-01Q IR-over-HDMI Kit adds IR pass-through capabilities to HDMI devices and it includes two HDMI adapters. The kit works with other Seco-Larm HDMI products, and it can be used for the control of the matrix, switch and other solutions.

Solutions: Seco-Larm’s Enforcer line of HDMI products can be used within any HDMI-based installation to control and distribute HDMI signals.

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HDMI is a complex and ever-evolving technology that is at the heart of today’s digital entertainment.

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