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Setup Wizard Expedites Installation of Yamaha PX Series of Amps

Yamaha has announced a new line of amplifiers that are designed for live sound and installed system applications.

Yamaha is one of the most diverse manufacturers in the entire realm of A/V—designing and producing products for the consumer and professional markets that include speakers, mixing consoles, DSP engines and amplifiers.

Adding to its selection of amplifiers, the large, international manufacturer has just announced its PX Series of two-channel products during the recently completed Pro LIght + Sound show.

Designed for applications that include sound reinforcement and installed sound systems, the PX Series of amplifiers are engineered to deliver high levels of power, along with reliable performance, and installation flexibility through the amps’ intelligent signal processing.

“The PX Series was developed to provide flexibility and options, all while delivering Yamaha reliability, superior sound quality, and high-output levels for our customers,” explains Nithin Cherian, marketing manager, Yamaha Professional Audio. “With the PX Series, we have accomplished these goals.”

Yamaha states the PX Series of products comprises four models, and at the heart of these amplifiers is a newly developed Class D engine that incorporates all of the products’ important DSP functions on a single integrated chip. The PX10 is rated to produce 1,200 watts per channel, while the PX8 is rated to produce 1,050 watts per channel.

Yamaha points out the PX3 and PX5 models incorporate its Power Boost Mode that enables the bridging of the amps’ two channels to provide high power ratings for output as a single channel. The PX5 is rated to deliver 800 watts per channel, while the PX3 is rated to produce 500 watts per channel, and Yamaha notes that all of the amps feature XLR and TRS inputs, as well as binding posts, SpeakON and phone outputs.

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Other features built into the amps include parametric equalization (PEQ), crossover filters, delay, and limiter functions that can be setup via the amps’ LCD displays. The amps also incorporate overload protection to maintain safe and reliable operational conditions, and Yamaha’s D-Contour multi-band dynamic processing technology that delivers consistent sound quality at any level by tailoring the frequency response of each connected speaker in applications such as front-of-house (FOH) or monitor installations.

A key component of the PX Series amps is the setup and installation process. Yamaha points out dealers can employ its Basic and Advanced setup modes depending on the situation. Yamaha says the Basic mode accesses the most fundamental functions of the products, while the Advanced mode provides exacting operational parameters. 

All of the models feature eight programmable presets for instant recall, and these settings can be saved to USB drives to allow dealers to share these settings with other PX amplifiers.

Further expediting the setup process, Yamaha adds the amps’ configuration wizard. With this feature dealers can assign optimized speaker settings to match other aspects of a system’s configuration. The configuration wizard offers dealers presets specifically for each Yamaha passive speaker model, including its CBR, Club, Installation and VXS/VXC series of products, and the wizard’s advanced options include input routing, input sensitivity, amp gain and speaker impedance settings.