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Seura Debuts Next Generation of Outdoor TVs at InfoComm 2015

Brand new Seura Storm and Storm Ultra Bright outdoor displays launch at this year’s InfoComm show in Orlando.>

InfoComm 2015 is finally here, and this year’s show is offering no shortage of gawk-worthy visuals and displays.

If you’ve strolled over to Seura‘s booth (#4378), you know there’s a segment of the display market that’s often overlooked but becoming an increasingly important piece to consider, especially in today’s digital-happy world: outdoor TVs.

In both residential and commercial environments like restaurants, university campuses and entertainment venues, outdoor AV is popping up everywhere. But finding the right kind of outdoor tech is important.

That’s why it’s Seura’s goal to “provide the ultimate solution for TVs that actually enhance the environment,” says Gretchen Gilbertson, CEO and co-founder of Seura.

This year at InfoComm, Seura is launching its next generation of outdoor displays for commercial spaces. The Storm and Storm Ultra Bright “fuse elegance with cutting-edge technology” to enhance outdoor spaces and protect against harsh temperature and weather conditions, says Seura.

In other words, sleek and slim meet weatherproof in these two new outdoor TV lines, specifically designed for longterm use in commercial entertainment venues.

“Our Storm and Storm Ultra Bright TVs completely transform any outdoor space into an exciting venue for entertainment,” says Gilbertson.

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The Seura Storm is optimized for shaded areas. Its 2.7-inch design making it the thinnest outdoor TV on the market, and it features the latest 4K UltraHD resolution. The Storm also boasts 450 nit panel brightness and an anti-glare glass screen.

Unlike the Storm, Seura’s Storm Ultra Bright is designed for use in direct sunlight. It uses Seura’s LuminOptics technology, which combines 700-nit brightness and dual anti-reflective screen coatings. True to its name, the Storm Ultra Bright claims to be the brightest outdoor TV possible.

UV coated glass prevents screen washout, says Seura, providing a vibrant image even in direct sunlight. The Ultra Bright also includes the Activ Airflow system, which, without a sound, keeps the display operating smoothly even in the heat from the sun.

The two new displays are good for all seasons, according to Seura, and in temperatures that range from -30 degrees fahrenheit to 140 degrees fahrenheit. The Triple Lock Seal provides—you guessed it—three barriers of protection against the elements, including moisture, dust, ice and bugs.

“With gardens, patios, and rooftops becoming increasingly popular in an array of venues, Seura’s Storm and Storm Ultra Bright outdoor TVs are the ideal addition to any outdoor space,” says Gilbertson.

The new outdoor TVs are safety tested and certified to UL standards for safe outdoor usage. Check them out in booth #4378 at the InfoComm show.