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SiliconCore Granted 2 New Patents for LED Display Technology

New patents describe a Common Cathode LED system that has the potential to greatly improve LED display performance.

CI Staff

SiliconCore Technology has been granted two new patents in the field of LED display video walls and technology.

SiliconCore is a integrated developer and manufacturer of LED displays and advanced semiconductor IC solutions in the broadcast video, retail and hospitality markets.

The patents are both titled “LED Display Systems” and describe a Common Cathode LED system, which SiliconCore says covers “all methods of control and access to Common Cathode LEDs and all common architectural elements used to build a display system utilizing [such] LEDs.”

The patents lay out the means and procedures used to facilitate lower power consumption and other advantages, including:

  • Extended lifetime of LEDs
  • Higher refresh rates and increased color depth at any brightness
  • High uniformity over lifetime of product
  • Lower operating temperature
  • Wide LED selection
  • Higher reliability

The company hopes the newly issues patents and Common Cathode driver design will boost SiliconCore’s presence in the LED display market.

“Over the last five years, SiliconCore has continuously invested in innovation and through the patent system, we continue to create and protect the value of technology that has been developed by our world-class engineers,” says Eric Li, chairman and CEO of SiliconCore. “These patent awards allow us to maintain our technology lead in the industry and our ongoing focus on R&D and innovation will continue to enhance our intellectual property portfolio”.

SiliconCore champions its pixel pitches including the Lavender 1.2mm and Anti Moiré Filter, which the company says its the first in the market.

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