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Sony Expands B2B Projectors with New 4K, Laser, Lamp and 3LCD Models

Just ahead of InfoComm 2015, Sony bolsters its projector lineup with nine new projection solutions.>

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Sony announced several new models for its professional projector lines.

Combining 4K imaging with a laser light source VPL- GTZ270 is designed for entertainment use including planetariums, theme parks, museums and retail; and the VPL- GTZ280 for simulation, visualization and training.

Three new compact projectors include the VPL-EW348, VPL-EW345 and VPL-EX345 models. Each 3LCD model has a brightness of 4,200 lumens.

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In the mid-brightness class projector market Sony targets four new projectors at business, academic, large venue or entertainment applications. Two 3LCD laser models (VPL-FHZ65 and VPL-FHZ60) to expand Sony’s line of Z-Phosphor laser light source projectors. They join 4,000 lumen 3LCD laser projector VPL-FHZ55 targeted at smaller rooms, and 7,000 lumen VPL-FHZ700Lfor larger venue commercial spaces in education, corporate, government and museum applications.


Sony is set to release two 3LCD laser models to expand its line of Z-Phosphor laser light source projectors.

More from Sony on VPL- GTZ270 and VPL- GTZ280:

Both 5,000 lumen models have native SXRDTM 4K (4096×2160) resolution, and join Sony’s VPL-GTZ1 model to create a family of versatile 4K laser light source projectors designed for a range of B2B and commercial applications. Both can also operate in 4K 3D mode.

Like all Sony laser projectors, the VPL-GTZ270 and the VPL-GTZ280 are designed to deliver up to 20,000 hours of operation with virtually zero maintenance (up to 40,000 hours in low brightness mode) without the need for a lamp exchange, translating to a substantial savings in time and money and reducing the costs normally associated with bulb replacement. This also means staff can avoid the risk of climbing scaffolding and ladders to perform maintenance on lamps and filters.

Constant brightness mode and periodic auto calibration further contribute to longer life operation. The projectors’ SXRD panel also creates a deep black image with reduced white band visibility for multi-projection blending.

Both models have sealed optics for dust-resistance in high-traffic areas, and run quiet with operational noise of less than 35dB. The new projectors offer flexible installation options with complete tilt angle free capabilities including clockwise or counterclockwise, portrait or landscape orientation, forward or back.

The VPL-GTZ270 is designed to create an immersive reality viewing experience in the entertainment market, with image enhancement functions including “Reality Creation” upscaling and compatibility with High Dynamic Range (HDR) content, giving users the ability to view the entire range of an image accurately and clearly. A wide color space covers the full DCI range and simulates the new ITU-R BT2020 color gamut.

A new chassis design enables easy handling and stacking of multiple projectors.

The VPL-GTZ280 uses high-speed motion functions and new high-speed 4K 120Hz signal processing capability for 4K3D 60Hz left eye/right eye and reducing blur in fast motion scenes, in addition to smear and transport delay reduction, infrared light output for night vision stimulation and vibration resistance.

The following is planned availability for the two new projectors:

VPL- GTZ270 – 1st Quarter 2016

VPL- GTZ280 – 2nd Quarter 2016

More from Sony on VPL-EW348, VPL-EW345 and VPL-EX345:

The new projectors continue Sony’s approach of offering customers installation flexibility, with rear side lamp access for easier maintenance. The projectors’ lightweight (approximately 9lbs) and compact design also makes them a convenient choice for portable use.

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