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Tampa Bay Lightning’s Ice Projection Show Sets the Stage for the 2016 NHL Playoffs

Using 3D technology, high-res video and numerous projectors, the Lightning, Avalanche, Rangers and other NHL teams get their crowds pumped up with show-stopping pre-game on-ice projections.

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The NHL playoffs have begun, and hockey fans across the nation have tuned in to watch their favorite teams face off in intense and action-packed battles on the ice.

In case the game itself isn’t enough excitement for fans, NHL teams such as the Tampa Bay Lightning gear fans up for game time with impressive high-tech on-ice projections. These projections are created using techniques such as 3D mapping and high-resolution video content projected by at least a dozen high-powered projectors.

Photos: Tampa Bay Lightning 2016 NHL Playoffs On-Ice Projection Show

To kick off round one of the 2016 NHL Playoffs, an installation by Lightning Vision gave Tampa Bay Lightning fans (and opposing Detroit Red Wing fans) a pre-game on-ice projection show that began with what resembled a rock concert. For the first few minutes, electric guitars screamed through the arena while blue and white lights danced around the ice.

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But the over 18 minute long projection show morphed into much more than just a few lights, music and stenciled captions. Check out the impressive 3D projections from the 2016 Tampa Bay vs. Red Wings Playoff pre-game ice projection show below and five more captivating on-ice projections from other NHL teams.

The St. Louis Blues gave the Tampa Bay Lightning a run for its money with its own 2016 playoff on-ice projection show. Beginning with hi-res video and a St. Louis Blue rendition of “When The Saints Go Marching In”, the projection show led into a display of yellow and blue flashing lights and stenciled captions, along with some action-packed video of game clips. You’ll see some 3D mapping throughout the show, too.

The Toronto Maple Leaf’s home opener also featured a stunning on-ice projection pre-game show, boasting flashy 3D images and high-res video projections.

Back in October,  the Colorado Avalanche installed a new on-ice projection mapping system. System design, provision and installation was completed by Westbury National and includes 18 Christie Boxer projectors. The Boxer offers a resolution of 4K and a brightness level of 30,000 lumen per projector.

Check out the stunning 3D graphics and effects below:

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