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Terra Improves Transformers on AC and LS Speakers

Terra Speakers upgrades the 70-volt transformers on its AC and LS speaker lines.

Living and working in an environment that provides the company an easy way to ensure its products weather the toughest conditions, Brunswick, Maine-based Terra Speakers manufactures some of the most robust speaker products in the audio market.

The Skinny: The latest news from Terra is that it has upgraded the 70-volt options it offers for its AC and LS series products.

The Specs: Terra says the newly improved transformers double the voltage settings over the older version transformer, and the results of the improvements is that the speakers produce higher output levels.

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“Beyond increased output capability, these new transformers deliver enhanced sound as well. They are specifically designed to address, the ‘Achilles heel’ of typical transformer-based systems where poor bass performance and increased distortion can result from mediocre transformer design and transformer core saturation,” says James Banfield, president, Terra.

“These new, high performance transformers are ideal partners to Terra’s superior loudspeaker drivers and crossover networks.”

Terra adds that the new transformers include higher amounts of iron in their cores to reduce the possibility of core saturation, and the company’s latest copper winding technology to improve low-frequency performance. Terra says the new transformers help to provide dealers with more installation options, especially when used with its 8-ohm bypass to facilitate the speakers’ use in non-70-volt applications.

Solutions: The new 70-volt transformer options for the LS and AC speakers allow the speakers to be used for a variety of commercial and residential installations.

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