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The LED Display that Sports Books Seem to Be Betting On

NanoLumens is gaining momentum in the casino world with its NanoSlim Engage.

CI Staff
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The start of a new NFL season signifies a lot.

Summer is effectively over. School is back in session. America’s Sunday afternoon productivity takes an enormous hit.

Oh, and one other thing—many sports viewing venues unveil new audio-video solutions.

LED visualization solutions provider NanoLumens seems to be carving out a niche as a provider of step-up video technology for casino race and sports books where massive amounts of football is observed on Sundays.

Building off the success of its NanoSlim Engage solutions deployment at Station Casino’s Red Rock Resort’s Race & Sports Book, NanoLumens recently wrapped up a similar project at Santa Fe Station in Las Vegas.

“We upgraded the Red Rock Resort video screen technology at this time last year, just before the start of the football season,” says Dave Merlino, NanoLumens’ area director West, in a press release.

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“Station Casinos saw standing room only in the sports book every Sunday during the football season. What’s more, guests are taking fuller advantage of what the property has to offer, because the games are so much more enjoyable to watch on the NanoLumens displays.”

Santa Fe Station now has five 2.5mm NanoSlim Engage solutions in its sports book, replacing aging projection technology. Each display was customized to fit into the old projection screen’s space, eliminating any need to alter the existing infrastructure of the sports book, according to NanoLumens. NanoLumens worked with Station Casinos’ longtime technology partner, National Technology Associates (NTA) on the project.

At Red Rock Resort and Green Valley Ranch Resort, NanoLumens was able to easily suspend the NanoSlim Engage solutions from the ceiling. However, Santa Fe Station’s structure would not allow for that to happen.

“We built custom support beams from the ground up, and attached the 22.1′ x 11.9′ NanoSlim Engage solutions to the supports,” Merlino says. “This goes to show that NanoLumens will work with each client individually to make the installation process as seamless and as smooth as possible.”

H Waldman, COO at NTA agrees that the installation process was completed without a hitch. “The project went extremely smoothly,” he says. “Since this is the third project, everyone knows the game and the system. This installation only took one month; the last two displays were installed in just one week!”