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The Secret to Video Walls Looking Good on TV

Samsung says its UDE-S Series 55-inch Direct-Lit LED Video Wall Display, which it showed off at Almo Pro A/V’s E4 event, is designed specically for broadcast applications.

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Just about every cable news, sports, game and talk show these days features a video wall in the background for interaction with the host. However, not all video walls are created equally for broadcast performance.

Samsung, which showed off its UDE-S Series 55-inch Direct-Lit LED Video Wall Display at Almo Professional A/V’s E4 event in Teaneck, N.J., says it helps to deploy a video wall designed specifically for broadcast.

Retaining quality in off-access viewing is one important feature for broadcast video walls, says Samsung senior business development manager, Solutions Business Management Visual Display Enterprise Business, Lenny Kleyman.

Meanwhile, it doesn’t require a lot of calibration, he adds. “It’s meant to be a straight out of the box product.”

More from Samsung on collaboration: 

Broadcast studios risk losing colour consistency when translating news footage and graphics between cameras and displays if the displays have not been properly colour calibrated. To eliminate the colour irregularities that can diminish professional quality broadcasts, Samsung’s UDE-S video wall comes with advanced factory tuning, innovative hardware and exceptional user calibration tools. A multi-step factory calibration process ensures high-performing uniform brightness and colour consistency out-of-the-box, preventing studios from having to waste time and energy making adjustments. After calibration, the displays offer an industry-leading local uniformity of more than 90 percent for optimal colour accuracy across the entire display. The calibration process also maintains superior white balance, while simultaneously achieving detailed colour in grayscale through a multi-step gamma calibration.

Samsung Colour Expert, a powerful free software program, further enables convenient user management of brightness and colour value based on specific broadcast needs. Using the UDE-S video wall’s sophisticated colour calibration features, broadcast studios can maintain accurate colour expression and manageable colour values – regardless of content type or situational need.


More from Samsung on unique broadcast video wall requirements:

When exposed to the unique lighting conditions of enclosed broadcast studio environments, video wall panels can run the risk of losing image quality due to irregular colour expression. Samsung’s high-quality UDE Series panels undergo rigorous performance testing to offer the ultimate viewing experience. Unlike conventional signage panels that offer a colour value temperature of 10,000 degrees K, the UDE-S video wall’s special panel features a colour value temperature range of 2,800-6,500 degrees K to ensure optimised colour expression for broadcast cameras. This flexible low temperature operation expands choice and enables the adjustment of colour expression depending on the situation. As a result, broadcasters can enhance news footage and graphic presentation to provide their audiences the ultimate viewing experience.

Compatible with both portrait and landscape layout orientations, the special UDE-S panel also offers broadcast studios greater flexibility and creativity to arrange displays without worrying about losing image quality or consistency. This creates a more engaging viewing experience that keeps audiences captivated, informed and entertained.

More from Samsung on UDE-S’s broadcast-specific benefits:

Samsung’s UDE-S video wall combines superior performance, clarity and non-distracting presentation to engage viewing audiences. Designed for dependable 24/7 operation, the UDE-S supports dynamic content with a consistent picture quality and colour presentation, making it ideal for round-the-clock newsrooms and broadcast studio environments. The display’s high brightness of 700 nit also creates a more immersive viewer experience through brilliant, life-like imagery and visual content. Similarly, the display’s 3.5 mm bezel-to-bezel screen design – the narrowest bezel in the video wall industry – keeps UDE-S viewers’ attention focused on featured content rather than the display itself with a nearly seamless presentation. By combining a sophisticated design with enhanced dependability, high brightness and a non-distracting bezel design, the UDE-S fosters an unparalleled entertainment experience that benefits broadcasters and their viewers.

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