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Tiny 3D Chef Prepares Your Meal While You Wait

3D projection-mapped cartoon called Le Petit Chef entertains diners right on a table surface.>

Alice Gustafson

Created by Antoon Verbeeck and Filip Sterckx from SkullMapping, Le Petit Chef is a 3D projection-mapped image (projectors courtesy of displaying, you guessed it, a miniature chef.

The tiny chef appears on a restaurant table below diners and entertains by “preparing” the very meal that was just ordered, all via projection mapping.

“For this project, we experimented with projection onto a dinner table,” say Sterckx and Verbeeck. “By making use of a combination of 3D animation and motion capture, a miniature chef turns your dish into a projected grill. Bon appétit!”

By combining 3D projection mapping techniques with artistic knowledge, Skullmapping tells stories with stunning visuals.

Watch Le Petit Chef in action.

Not limited to dinner plates, the company creates projections on buildings, in boxes and even on the ground.

“We add extra dimensions, optical illusions and notions of movement onto previously static objects,” explains the creative duo. “Skullmapping deals with art in an experimental, technology-related way. We love to create our own projects, but we also work closely together with our clients to provide the most customized solution for their projects.”

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