‘Transparent’ Video Wall Behind Samsung Truck Saves Lives on the Road

Drivers behind Samsung trucks can see the road ahead with new wireless camera and four-panel video wall mounted on the back.>

Alice Gustafson

Samsung is hoping to save lives on the road with its latest idea: the company created a safety truck prototype that includes a wireless camera on the front and an LED four-panel video wall integrated into the back.

Vehicles traveling behind a truck with this technology will be able to see the road ahead, allowing them to pass the truck safely and without fear of a collision. Samsung is also prepared for nighttime driving, as the truck’s camera will still be able to deliver clear images in the dark.

Currently the concept is only at a trial level, but it is on the road in Argentina where head-on collisions caused by reckless passing, over overtaking, is one of the highest causes of road deaths.

The concept is currently seeking to gain regulatory approval so that it can become a reality on the roads.

“So far Samsung has been able to confirm that the technology works and that this idea can definitely save the lives of many people,” a spokesman for Samsung reports.

Check out how the ‘transparent’ screen works:

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