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Tripleplay solution for Edgbaston cricket stadium

The operators have implemented a digital signage and IPTV solution.

David Davies

As part of a major modernisation effort, Edgbaston has invested heavily in upgrading the stadium itself and improving the match day experience of supporters who visit. In particular, the operators have implemented a digital signage and IPTV solution, as well as building a brand new pavilion.

“We wanted a system that was simple to operate, cost-effective and provided us with all of the features we needed. Having looked at what was available in the market Tripleplay became the obvious choice,” comments Sean Miller, digital media producer at Edgbaston.

Once the New Pavilion was completed, Tripleplay and Edgbaston implemented digital signage and IPTV screens in the venue’s main reception, pavilion concourse, concessions stands, corporate boxes, scorer’s box, media and press areas, stadium shop, restaurants and player dining areas. Every screen and every zone has the ability to show its own unique digital signage layout, playlist or TV channel, all controlled from a central server and web browser interface.

Miller comments: “We wanted to be able to push a variety of feeds out to screens, a different playlist for each different area. With Tripleplay we have been able to adapt playlists for match days, special events, weddings, functions but also to vary during the course of a day and depending on which department the screen is located. In planning, we realised that the future of TV was digital, we needed content that was on-demand, adaptive and responsive. Screens used to be for playing out full screen TV broadcasts; now the live TV element is just another asset in our own messaging along with RSS feeds, adverts, news and images.”

Aside from commercial benefits the Tripleplay solution is being used by the playing staff and venue management to serve alternative needs. “Tripleplay has given us a clear communications channel to our customers,” says Miller. “We can use the screens to get important messaging across to our customers, keeping them up-to-date during rain delays, assisting in fire alarms or evacuations. TV is a very eye-catching and engaging medium, our televisions can be adaptable; they are not just for broadcasting other people’s media.

“We have even created playlists for the team managers in the dressing rooms to help with analysis of opponents. The screens will show an individual’s strengths, weaknesses and information about how that player plays; it’s a genuine all-in-one solution.”

Moving forward the Tripleplay solution will give Edgbaston and Warwickshire County Cricket Club the opportunity to take advantage of video on demand streaming for training, coaching and tactical assessments. It will also be simple to implement the digital signage solution in other areas of the venue.

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