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Video Storm Releases Mobile Streaming, Faster Decoder for NetPlay Video

New features allow users to watch what they want wherever they are and faster than ever.>

CI Staff

Video Storm has released the new mobile streaming feature for NetPlay Video and a faster decoder.

Mobile streaming allows customers to stream video sources to tablets and phones, with the ability to watch any live HDMI video sources on their smartphones, tablets, or computers

The new VRX020 NetPlay Video decoder, meanwhile, includes the newest version of XBMC (Kodi Helix). HDHomeRun is now available through XBMC Kodi. VRX020 also comes with all the standard NetPlay elements such as H.264 Bluray video quality, digital signage, video wall, video tiling, PIP, OSD, etc.

NetPlay also features direct integration with H.264 IP cameras, giving users both full HD and tiled view of cameras and streaming sources.

Here’s more on Video Storm’s announcements:

NetPlay Video by Video Storm has revolutionized HDMI video distribution.  NetPlay is the first HDCP enabled network based HDMI matrix to utilize high quality H.264 video encoding, the same technology used to master Blu-ray discs. This feature rich system has removed the need for traditional matrix switches and makes your installs more flexible to customize the number of inputs and outputs to your customer needs on the fly.

NetPlay HDMI distribution enables applications that were previously cost prohibitive.  Imagine being able to retrofit a full HDMI video, cloud audio, and IR/RS232 control residential distribution system without having to run a single wire.  How about commercial systems with hundreds of displays and sources?  NetPlay delivers these solutions at the right price.

The NetPlay AV product line has two parts.  The VTX100 encoder accepts HDMI sources and connects them to the network. In each display zone, a VRX010 decoder mounts behind the output display. Everything is connected using simple unmanaged network switches using standard consumer network practices.

NetPlay is fully integrated with Control4, RTI, and Savant.  Integration with other systems is in development, please call for more details. NetPlay AV is designed and manufactured by Video Storm LLC.  Video Storm provides competitive pricing as well as excellent pre and post sales support to our installer network.

Click here for more information about Video Storm and its products.

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