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Video Wall Helps Walmart Employees Collaborate

Crossmark Center for Collaboration provides state-of-the-art facilities to help Walmart employees work together to study company processes and develop strategies.

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Steps from Walmart’s headquarters in Bentonville, Ark., is Crossmark Center for Collaboration. With the operative word being “collaboration” it was essential for Walmart that the venue provide state-of-the-art facilities to help Walmart employees collaborate while studying company processes and developing strategies.

The center features five joint business planning meeting rooms, video conferencing and collaboration tools and two 8-by-16-foot Prysm digital walls. Walmart’s suppliers and retail planning teams can simply touch the screen to interact with simulated store shelves and easily access a range of real-time product and sales data.

“I know our partners and customers will be impressed with the ability to conduct digital modular planning and realize faster, data-driven decision making,” says Mike Graen, vice president of collaboration at Crossmark.

The two 8-by-16-foot Prysm digital walls feature high-definition, low-energy, virtually seamless displays with touch-enabled interaction. Users can present, share, reposition, resize, annotate and edit all types of content through on-screen touch, PCs and mobile devices.

Multiple, simultaneous live inputs can be displayed and interacted with on screen including video, telepresence and web apps. Prysm’s Cascade series is specifically designed for visual collaboration and available in four standard sizes from 65-inch to 190-inch. Prysm custom sized the video walls for Crossmark’s facility.

“We think retail planning is a great example of the power of Prysm collaboration solutions. It’s the perfect demonstration of how our intuitive collaboration features help streamline workflow, speed decision-making and drive greater consumer engagement,” says Dana Corey, vice president of sales and technical operations at Prysm.


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