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Video Wall Processor from RGB Spectrum Delivers 4K Resolutions

RGB Spectrum says its new MediaWall V display processor combines real-time processing capabilities with the ability to run separate, dedicated apps.

UltraHD or 4K is one of the hottest technologies in the entire world of electronics. Over in the consumer market, prices are falling for 4K TVs, and slowly the market is moving towards a physical 4K disc format.

In the world of professional video, critical application fields, including control rooms, training centers and government facilities are increasingly adopting the technology.

Stepping up to provide the commercial video market with a true UltraHD video wall processor is the Alameda, Calif.-based manufacturer RGB Spectrum. The company’s new MediaWall V display processor incorporates an architecture that combines real-time the processing capabilities of a hardware-based solution and the flexibility of a separate, dedicated processor to run applications.

RGB Spectrum explains the MediaWall V processor is capable of displaying UltraHD video and graphics together with traditional HD content on a wall array of 4K display products. The UltraHD video wall supports up to 36 video/graphic direct inputs and as many as 28 outputs/display devices.

The MediaWall V processor can handle resolutions such as 3,840 x 2,160, 2,048 x 1,152, 1,920 x 1,080, as well as lower resolutions, and the inputs are scalable for outputs to UHD displays or standard def displays. RGB Spectrum also notes the processor supports IP decoding via an optional Application Processor (AP) to decode IP cameras and other H.264 streams. It is also compatible with HDCP encoded content from sources such as Blu-ray disc players.

RGB points out that users can run any type of window configuration across a multi-screen setup, and any aspect ratio can be zoomed in on to display high levels of detail.

The MediaWall V also incorporates a built-in setup and configuration GUI that supports local and remote access, as well as control options such as “drag and drop,” scaling and input selection. In addition, the product is also compatible with the California company’s MultiPoint Control Room Management System (Enterprise MCMS) platform the provides users with arbitrated keyboard and mouse (KVM) control over system sources.