Video Weekly News: AVI-SPL Talks Services, Customer Experiences at SAS 2016

AVI-SPL executives discuss the importance of providing good, reliable and consistent service to its customers at its 2016 Sales Acceleration Summit.

CI Staff

This week, CI‘s web editor Rachel Quetti got back from covering AVI-SPL‘s Sales Acceleration Summit in Tampa, Fla.

One of the biggest focuses of AVI-SPL in 2016 is its sales and service infrastructure. Coming off of a 20 percent bookings growth in 2015, AVI-SPL is trying to maintain that momentum going into 2016.

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During the event, one of AVI-SPL’s customers told a story about their service experience with different companies, including AVI-SPL, during the RFP process. The customer asked each company to call its help desk to test out its service. Of all of the companies, AVI-SPL was the only one to pick up and provide immediate service.

AVI-SPL’s help desk is 24/7, and the company will continue to focus heavily on providing consistent and reliable service in 2016.

Hear more from CI‘s web editor Rachel Quetti and CI‘s editor-in-chief Tom Leblanc about AVI-SPL’s focus on service and customer experiences.