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Video Weekly News: Investigating Tech Hype, Goodbye External Media Players

Editor Tom Leblanc highlights some of the most popular stories on Commercial Integrator in the past week.

CI Staff

External media players? Gone!

OLED? Making a comeback!

Hot technology like wearables and transparent video? Coming to a trade show near you!

It’s up to you whether to believe these trends and technologies are pure hype or reality, but CI editor Tom LeBlanc tries to clear away some of the fog in this week’s Video Weekly News. He points to a couple recent articles on Commercial Integrator discussing these industry topics that you should check out if you’re curious.

First, PingHD’s Kevin Goldsmith makes a case for software-based alternatives to external media servers for digital signage content.

Also, check out this CI Summit 2015 panel debate about wearable technologies, transparent video, networked AV, app-based control and wireless audio… all the cool new tech you keep hearing about but might still be somewhat hesitant to invest in.

Watch Tom LeBlanc discuss these and other stories of the past week:

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