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VMP Versatile Rack Unit Includes 12 Rack Spaces

Video Mount Products (VMP) is now shipping its ERWEN-12E 19-inch wall-rack enclosure.

The Stevensville, Md.-based equipment manufacturer Video Mount Products (VMP) has announced its latest product, the new ERWEN-12E 19-inch wall-rack enclosure, is now shipping.

The Skinny: Keith Fulmer, president of VMP, explains the ERWEN-12E was designed by the company to serve dealers as a workhorse type of product that can be used for any number of equipment installations.

The Specs: Some of the features built into the equipment rack include compatibility with 19-inch rack mount gear, standard 10-32 threading, 12 rack spaces, top and bottom cable-routing knockouts, lockable and removable side panels, and a weight capacity of 120 pounds.

The 24.3 inch by 21.9 inch by 25.3 inch rack weighs almost 62 pounds and the company finishes the product in a black powder coat. Summing up the rack, Fulmer adds the product provides dealers with a space-saving rack mount solution that enables electronics technicians to easily access installed equipment.

Solutions: The ERWEN-12E 19-inch wall rack enclosure can be used for commercial and residential system installations.