WePresent Showcases Presentation Solutions the Education Market Has Been Looking For

WePresent’s booth #N663 is displaying three wireless presentation solutions that offer easy installation, BYOD capabilities, ease-of-use and affordable price points.

When it comes to the education market, wireless presentation systems are in high demand. While this technology is deployed in corporate environments as well, the education market is in need of affordable, BYOD enabled and plug and play solutions that are easy to install and simple to use.

At this year’s InfoComm, wePresent is showcasing wireless presentation products aimed at helping integrators deliver the solutions end users in the education market are looking for.

Decorated with interactive displays and touchscreens, wePresent’s booth is displaying three of its wireless presentation models—the WiPG-2000, WiPG-1600 and the SharePod.

“Our flagship model is our WiPG-2000 and that basically has all the bells and whistles of our wireless presentation system,” says Eva Canon, director of marketing for wePresent.

“People can come in with laptops, Macs, iPads, or android devices and connect to a display or a projector and wirelessly present. They don’t need cables and they don’t need to worry about resolution.”

The WiPG-2000 integrates with any plug and play touchscreen through a USB connection, making installation simple and fast. The WiPG-2000 also features an onboard video streamer, freeing up all resources on an end-user’s device. 

“The 2000 has PoE which installers love because they don’t need extra power for it. It can either be part of the network or stand alone,” adds Canon.

Using the WiPG-2000, end users can annotate objects presented on a touchscreen and also save the annotations for future reference.

Along with the WiPG-2000, wePresent is also showcasing its WiPG-1600, the company’s newest wireless presentation model. Launched earlier this year at ISE, the WiPG-1600 is targeted specifically for the education market.

“We found that while education is a huge vertical for wireless presentation, especially with students using their own devices to present, the vertical markets weren’t using all of the features of the WiPG-2000,” says Canon. “It was driving the price point a little high to deploy campus-wide so we dropped off several of the features they didn’t need and lowered the price point for the 1600 model.”

Benefiting both integrators and end users, the WiPG-1600 features the ability to plug into existing networks, eliminating the need for any changes to be made to the network.

Up to 64 users can be connected to both the WiPG-1600 and WiPG-2000 models, and both feature a quad screen display that allows four users to present on the same screen at the same time.

The last solution wePresent features on the show floor is its SharePod accessory, which allows any devices that have an HDMI output, such as a document camera or microscope, to be plugged into the SharePod which can then be plugged into the WiPG models.

“This is great for education because the document cameras or microscopes can be used simultaneously with whatever presentation the student is presenting on the screen as well,” says Canon.

For integrators stopping by wePresent’s booth, Canon says the WiPG-2000 is a must-see due to its ability to meet the demand of customers and its ease of installation.

Furthermore, wePresent offers a “Not for Resale” (NFR) program to integrators, where integrators can use a demo unit to present to their clients on site, in addition to evaluation programs where integrators can offer customers a free 30-day evaluation of the product. 

“The biggest thing [we want integrators to know] is that we have an excellent price point compared to other models, allowing our products to be deployed on a larger scale and in mass units,” says Canon.