What This Crestron Pyng Thing Means for Commercial Automation

Thanks to Crestron Pyng, the value of ease of system setup and the concept of configuration controls will become more visible.

Steve Greenblatt

How does this kind of customization work?

Programming customized systems is not limited to a single solution that simply meets the requirements of system functionality and basic user experience.

The ability to program backend tools that accommodate varied field adjustments or that support common user preference requests can be just as valuable and are positioned to satisfy significant pain points.

What are some examples of backend tools for adjustments?

Some of these features are more mainstream than others, like:

  • Assigning cable TV preset channel numbers
  • Modifying and relabeling speed dial presets
  • Changing passwords
  • Providing a selectable shutdown timer

Other features are more specialized or more challenging.  These can include:

  • Changing logos of cable TV presets
  • Changing the room name
  • Changing the phone number
  • Relabeling lighting presets
  • Showing or hiding source buttons or system features
  • Changing addresses for device setup or communication parameters
  • Turning on and off automation (such as triggering lighting and shades with source selection)
  • Modifying settings like projector warming or cooling times

All of these features require additional programming and can be done in a variety of ways, including through hidden pages on the touchpanel, webpages, remote monitoring software, text files or remote databases.

No matter the feature or method, the extra time, effort, and cost result in significant value-add to the installer and end user. Both the installer and, ultimately, the end user sees this added value in time savings, long term cost savings, reduced inconvenience with headache-free solutions, and the peace of mind that it is possible to accommodate “user preference” changes with ease. 

In fact, if discussed upfront, the list of backend functions can be planned and addressed along with the other aspects of the project scope, making preferred backend functions part of the project specification and guaranteeing the results users want.

What is the impact of Pyng?

Thanks to Pyng, the value of ease of system setup and the concept of configuration controls will become more visible. This brings about awareness about configuration controls, increases demand, and amplifies appreciation for more advanced features of control system programming. This concept also brings to light the fact that system functionality and user experience make a successful and valued system, so do the programming expertise and functionality working behind the scenes.

Not all programmed systems are created equal!  Raise the bar by including backend tools that lead to more client satisfaction, efficiency, and appreciation for your systems.

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