Why IT Administrators Will Be Thanking Kramer

Kramer VIA Site Management provides web-based interface for troubleshooting any VIA device on the network.

CI Staff

You may think of Kramer’s VIA solutions as a remarkably intuitive family of wireless presentation and collaboration solutions, and the end users at your customers’ organizations are likely on the same page.

The IT administrators at those organizations, however, while they may concur about the product benefits, likely also view Kramer’s VIA products as another thing to manage.

Not anymore, thanks to Kramer’s release of VIA Site Management (VSM), an enterprise-wide management platform that lets VIA administrators control and configure all VIA devices in a network from a single window, according to Kramer. 

“IT administrators at large companies and SMBs alike can use the VSM platform to easily troubleshoot any VIA device in the network and customize each device for the specific needs of participants,” says Neta Lempert, VP digital business development at Kramer.

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“These two features not only make life easier for the VIA admin, but they also make the end-user experience much friendlier.”

VSM offers a web-based interface accessible from any PC, laptop or tablet across the entire VIA environment. With an integrated dashboard, administrators can monitor real-time performance data and usage, perform simultaneous firmware updates, and optimize every VIA device in the network, according to Kramer.

The platform’s pricing model is based on the number of VIA units being managed, which Kramer positions against what it calls the one-size-fits-all approach used by some of the leading players in the pro AV industry.

“You pay for what you need and not what you don’t,” Lempert says. “This tends to be our philosophy across the board when we release solutions to the market—it makes much more sense from the customer’s point of view.”

VSM supports both Windows and Linux systems.

Watch Michael DiBella, Kramer’s director of collaborative solutions, discuss what’s next in meeting room integration:

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