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Will Apple Join Microsoft, Google for InfoComm 2015?

It seems unlikely, but how many people thought Microsoft and Google would be part of pro AV’s biggest event one year ago?

Google, meanwhile, made a much less-ballyhooed InfoComm show debut with a 10×10 meeting room on the show floor after signing on to participate while much of the InfoComm staff was already setting up for the 2014 show, says Jaffe. Google was also part of the Tech-Know Job Fair.

While there wasn’t nearly as much buzz about Google in 2014 as there was on Microsoft, this could be a relationship that extends for a while, with Jaffe mentioning “a more year-round” pairing that could focus on education.

So, with Google seemingly joining forces to some degree with InfoComm and Microsoft likely to be back at InfoComm 2015 in some capacity, what about adding Apple as a sponsor or more, as Corey Moss suggested to me on Twitter? Jaffe sees that as unlikely, but it’s always possible.

“They tend not to do trade shows, but we’d be thrilled to have them,” she says.

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InfoComm is still crunching the numbers from the 2014 show, even as planning for 2015 has already started, including the updated website, with registrations likely to open in February.

Jaffe believes the Solutions Summits will mean more end users than ever were part of InfoComm 2014 and she confirmed the largest international presence ever, with about 20 percent of attendees coming from outside the U.S., as compared to 15 percent as the previous high. India, Brazil and Russia were among the regions that sent large contingents to Vegas, she says.

“There are more people getting familiar with the InfoComm brand,” she says, one of the goals in the association’s latest three-year strategic plan.

The 2015 show will be hard-pressed to break this year’s attendance record, but as Jaffe noted, they did it in 2013, and “we look forward to trying to do it again.”

As is often the case for InfoComm shows in southern states, Jaffe expects a large contingent of attendees in the house of worship market, and says the organization will try convince as many western U.S. and Asia residents as possible to come.

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