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WyreStorm Helps Create The Ultimate Sports Bar

The sports bar experience enters a league of its own as WyreStorm teams up with Striders Turf Clublounge, San Diego, California.

Dan Sait
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Article originally posted on Commercial Integrator Europe.

Alongside the high quality casual dining, craft beers and classic cocktails, its wall-to-wall sports that’s on the menu at Striders in San Diego, California.

Opened in 2015 by Sportech Venues California, Striders is a Las Vegas-styled ‘Turf Clublounge’ that offers patrons an eye-popping hospitality experience by combining dining and sports entertainment with the only place in San Diego where customers can legally wager on horse racing.

Lance Ku, field service manager for Sportech California explains: “We see Striders appealing to four types of people: those who like being at the horse races and placing a bet so enjoy the buzz of the track the venue offers; locals who want a great neighbourhood bar; sports fans who want to watch the game in a lively atmosphere with quality audio and visuals and visitors to the nearby convention center as we are the closest place for food and drink.”

The two-level, 8200sqft venue encompasses a restaurant, bar, high-end lounge, including a casual dining with booth seating, open kitchen with chef’s table’s, signature ‘horseshoe cocktail bar’ and two outdoor patios on the first floor.

Check out this video to see more details of the high-tech installation.

The second floor is home to the 360-degree bar ‘Turf Clublounge’, where guests can wager on horse races from premium booth seating and twin panoramic balconies available by reservation for groups or private parties.

Striders styles itself as no ordinary sports bar, so the AV had to be a cut above.

The result was a scalable system of 30 centrally-located sources fed to 150 HD screens and video walls over both floors, with the distribution and control handled by WyreStorm‘s NetworkHD 200-Series HD over IP system and Enado AV Control solution respectively.

Lance adds: “As we intended to open a high-end Vegas-style sports bar, lounge, restaurant and gambling venue, we knew it was essential to find a partner that could offer the level of technology befitting the quality of establishment we wanted to create.

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“After meeting with WyreStorm it quickly became clear that not only did the standard of technology offered by WyreStorm’s NetworkHD and Enado products exactly meet the requirements of this project, but also the fact that it was a true one-manufacturer solution from distribution, switching and control as well as the planning, design and actual installation was incredibly important. WyreStorm were there every step of the way with advice, in-depth product knowledge, training and support that went above and beyond all our expectations. We couldn’t have asked for a better partner.”

The venue itself is divided into six separate AV zones over two levels, with the 150 HD screens incorporating landscape and portrait orientation, including double sided screens on custom mounts, mosaic displays and interactive touchscreens.

Screens vary in size from 29in in bathrooms and 32in, 42in, 47in, 49in, 55in and 64in throughout the venue, and a pair of giant 84″ screens at the entrance to the second floor bar area.

All designed to take full advantage of space available for total viewing coverage within a fully scalable system to support future screen additions as required.

Each screen is able to be routed to any of the 30 centrally located sources, enabling content from those sources to be delivered to any screen at any time using Cat5e and Cat6 between central rack-based NetworkHD encoders and a central controller that sends CEC, RS-232 and switching commands to individual NetworkHD decoders behind every screen throughout the venue.