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Yamaha’s V2.5 Update to Digital Mixing Console Adds Matrix Outputs with Output Delay

TF Series V2.5 update includes features highly requested by mixing engineers and will expand the appeal of the TF consoles for a wider range of pro audio applications.

CI Staff

Yamaha may have updated its TF Series Digital Mixing Console as recently as January 2016 with V2.0, a response to users seeking to expand their systems for larger spaces and more applications using Yamaha TIO1608-D input/output racks.

That doesn’t mean the audio manufacturer won’t keep addressing customers’ demands. As such, it recently announced TF Series firmware update V2.5, scheduled for release and free download in May 2016.

In its press release, Yamaha says the V2.5 update includes a number of highly anticipated new features that will expand the appeal of the TF consoles for an even wider range of pro audio applications. V2.5 adds Matrix Outputs with output Delay, a feature that a large number of mixing engineers have requested, as well as a simple Output Delay as Insert FX that will add significantly to the flexibility of systems that include TF consoles.

More from Yamaha’s press release:

In response to one of the most common requests from users, TF V2.5 includes four Matrix Outputs with Delay parameters that are ideally suited to setting up delay compensation for live sound speaker systems in large venues, installations where separate mixes are fed to a main hall and lobby, and many other situations that require some degree of delay compensation. The user can choose to set delay time in meters, feet or milliseconds

TF V2.5 also includes a Simple Output Delay that can be used as an Insert FX on the AUX 9/10 ~ AUX 19/20 buses to manage the timing of signals sent to speakers at different locations for improved intelligibility and clarity.

With an optional NY64-D card that allows high quality, low latency audio transmission via network cables, and one or more Tio1608-D I/O rack units functioning as stage boxes, as well as the new features included in firmware update V2.5, TF series consoles become an ideal choice for a broad spectrum of applications.
“TF V2.5 takes system flexibility and control to an even higher level, states Nithin Cherian, marketing manager, Yamaha Professional Audio. With new features that offer enhanced convenience and utility for a broader variety of applications, this small footprint, attractive price point console continues to satisfy current TF end users and will appeal to our future customers as well.”

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