Why You Must Be Aware of Clients’ Collaboration Strategies When Installing New Systems

Integrators need to understand what collaboration solutions are already part of a client’s culture, as well as what their overall collaboration strategy is for their office space in order to ensure new systems support that strategy.

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Joseph Arena, advanced serives, Yorktel, discusses the importance of understanding clients' collaboration space strategies when installing a new system.

When implementing a new solution, it is vital integrators work with customers’ IT departments to ensure new solutions are tied into the company’s overall strategies, especially in regards to collaboration.

“It’s not just about a one-off AV project anymore,” says Joseph Arena, advanced serives, Yorktel. “Companies are starting to spend money on redoing office spaces. They’re looking for more optimization out of their office space. So sometimes when we’re asked to go in and provide some pricing on new technology, it’s part of a much larger picture.”

Arena says integrators need to provide new standards for systems being deployed and see where there are opportunities to provide managed services.

It is important for integrators to take into consideration the following when deploying new systems:

  • IT directors need to be aligned with corporate strategies
  • Who is actually making the decisions?
  • What collaboration solutions are already part of the culture?
  • Is the organization focused on “next-gen workplace”?

Watch the video above to learn more from Arena regarding the importance of understanding a system’s impact on a client’s collaboration space strategy.

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