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ViewSonic Americas President Highlights Collaboration, Tech, Inspiration and Leadership in New Video Series

ViewSonic Americas president Jeff Volpe outlines importance of collaboration, technology, inspiration and leadership in seven-part video series.

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ViewSonic Americas President Highlights Collaboration, Tech, Inspiration and Leadership in New Video Series

ViewSonic has launched a series of “thought leadership video messages” presented by ViewSonic Americas president, as interviewed by Sean Conrad, CEO of the Internet Marketing Association.

The seven-part video series “offers insights into key aspects of collaboration, technology, inspiration and leadership,” according to the ViewSonic announcement.

“Digital transformation continues to become ever more pervasive in enterprise, education and other sectors as a driver of growth and competitive edge,” said Volpe in the company announcement. “We are very pleased to share these observations based on partnering with our customers around the world and helping them leverage technology to thrive in this digital environment.

“Moreover, we have successfully navigated many of these issues internally in our drive to build a highly effective organization,” he said.

The seven-part series—Essential Best Practices for a Competitive Edge—is being posted weekly to the ViewSonic website.

Topics include:

Collaboration in Enterprise and Education: digitizing group learning; enhancing delivery to inspire students; efficiency, communication and focus in the workspace; common cause and organizational goals

Digital Transformation and Solutions Orientation: leveraging core organizational DNA; synergizing product innovation and teams; digitizing the business to meet change; engaging teams in a bright future; creating a problem-solving, customer-centric ecosystem

Technology Impact in the Workspace: worldwide collaboration and teamwork; efficiency and ROI on human capital; reducing wasted meeting time; faster, more productive experiences

Collaboration: Driving Productivity: definition and implementation with teams; moving from analog to digital; productivity with global reach; ideation and optimized outcomes

Technology and Customer Relationships: sharing data, ideas and best practices; boosting productivity with solutions provided; optimizing flexibility and adaptability; providing intelligence on technology trends

Sources of Inspiration for Growth: blending outside influences with internal processes; collaborating and inspiring one another; communicating strategic goals, vision and culture internally; empowering with information toward a common cause; encouraging independent thought, initiative and contribution

Leadership Best Practices: innovating and adapting for success; fostering agility in tactics to achieve strategy; learning from outside and inside sources; surrounding oneself with complementary experts; encouraging collaboration and support; inspiring and empowering the voice of employees

“These best practices can be applied in nearly any industry segment or type of organization,” the ViewSonic announcement says. “They are particularly important as organizations continue to build digital workspaces and strive to boost productivity.”

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