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ViewSonic Offers One-on-One Online Distance Learning Support and Advice for Teachers

ViewSonic professional development team can assist on topics including basics of distance learning, tools and curriculum development and execution.

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ViewSonic Offers One-on-One Online Distance Learning Support and Advice for Teachers

ViewSonic Corp. announced this week that it has made its professional development team available to assist teachers with distance learning advice and support.

As part of the ViewSonic distance learning initiative during the COVID-19 outbreak, the PD team will offer one-on-one online support for teachers with any learning initiatives they may have.

Topics include distance learning as a whole, tools for distance learning, curriculum development as well as video creation or conferencing for lessons.

Teachers and students now face an entirely new way of teaching and learning. New tools are required, both on the hardware and software side, and are necessary to share ideas, communicate, and ensure student learning.

Some teachers may have concerns with distance learning as a concept, even without the “learning” part of it. A lot of what happens in the classroom during the instructional piece is being able to individualize the learning process or break it down so that every student is able to understand it.

Tips from ViewSonic Professional Development

The ViewSonic professional development team offers some general guidance:

Adapt to the new normal: It’s important to set out goals and objectives that can be accomplished. It takes time for both the teacher and student to get comfortable with the new environment and pattern of learning.

Class time replication: Weekly assignments, and projects are all ways to assess learning.  Think about the amount of time for instruction, classwork and discussions that occur in your traditional class period.  Its important to not assign busy work that goes beyond that amount of time.

– Teach outside the box: Remote and distance learning is about learning and integrating new ways to educate. Get feedback from parents and students and make the most of the resources that are available online, and in a lot of cases, free.

“Remote and distance learning lessons are definitely different than inside the confines of a classroom,” said Blake Everhart, solution training manager at ViewSonic Americas.

“As a former teacher, I understand there’s sometimes a gap between learning the scope and sequence of the technology side that can match up with the lessons you want to teach. The ability to create and complete lessons, and how to filter through the many resources that are out there makes it tough to focus,” said Everhart.

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