Vistacom Gets Tight with Architects, Offering AIA Credits

Integration firm Vistacom will offer American Institute of Architects (AIA) members continuing education credits with a newly accredited course worth 1.5 learning units.

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Vistacom Gets Tight with Architects, Offering AIA Credits

Vistacom's Jim Ferlino is among those Excellence in Business award winners sharing pearls of wisdom during the 21st annual NSCA Business & Leadership Conference.

It’s one of those ideals that is discussed at executive conferences – get in tight with the architectural community and you’ll get earlier access to great projects, learn more about customers’ needs and create better solutions. However, not a lot of AV integration firms have figured out how to do that, but Vistacom has. The Pennsylvania-based firm announces that it is approved to offer American Institute of A (AIA) members continuing education credits.

The credits will stem from Vistacom’s course focusing on the value of collaboration between audiovisual (AV) design professionals and architects.

More on the AIA-Credit Course from Vistacom’s Press Release:

Rapid advances in technology are changing workspaces, affecting how buildings are designed and technology is integrated into a cohesive environment. Vistacom works closely with architects and developers to create plans for AV and communications solutions that take into account acoustics, wiring considerations, and architecturally appealing designs from the beginning of a project to save time and money. 

The newly accredited course is worth 1.5 learning units (LUs) and helps fulfill continuing education requirements within the AIA and some states for licensing. Through the session, attendees will have the chance to: review the latest AV technology and applications; understand the role of AV design professionals; understand and implement the best practices in the design and integration of AV technology; learn how to avoid pitfalls surrounding projects; and learn new vertical-specific design techniques. 

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“Planning for audiovisual technology and involving AV professionals early in the design process is essential for a successful project where form meets function and aesthetics are preserved,” says Jim Ferlino, president, Vistacom. 

“It is our responsibility and duty to stay on top of the latest technology trends, and this accreditation and partnership with AIA allow us the opportunity to work with architects to ensure the right solutions are considered and installed for the intended purpose of the space.” 

Architects looking to schedule a session, should email