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Zoom Announces Workspace Reservation Feature To Be Generally Available This Month

Zoom’s Workspace Reservation allows for better hybrid office management and gives users the ability to easily book a Zoom-enabled workspace.

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Zoom’s Workspace Reservation feature that allows users to pre-book office workspaces and see who else is planning to come into the office will be available later this month.

The newest feature added to the Zoom platform, Workspace Reservation is designed to give teams more flexibility around their hybrid work schedules and streamline hotdesking and hoteling experiences.

With Workspace Reservation, users can choose their reservation time and duration, and they can book desks for just a few hours or a full work day. Available as a Zoom App in the desktop client or through a web browser, users can book a range of workspaces, including Zoom Rooms, Zoom Phone appliances, work desks, personal meeting rooms, screening rooms and other configured spaces.

To actually book the space, users can reserve the space upon their arrival via a mobile app or a kiosk at the front desk. Or, they can use the scheduling panel outside of a Zoom Room or directly at the workspace, according to the company.

Workspace reservation is built into the Zoom platform, providing users with a familiar user interface and experience.

For IT professionals, Workspace Reservation allows them to upload custom office maps and seating locations directly from the Zoom admin portal to create a streamlined booking process, and printable QR codes can be posted on workspaces for users to reserve a space on the fly.

IT admins can also use the data collected by Workspace Reservation to learn more about how their teams are using the physical workspaces and help management plan and build a more efficient office environment.

“Employers continue to prioritize hybrid office management as they seek a secure, easy-to-use, and comprehensive solution to help connect in-office and remote workers,” said Jeff Smith, group product manager and head of Zoom Rooms and Whiteboard, in a statement. “Workspace Reservation expands on Zoom’s already robust hybrid work offerings and helps employees have access to the tools they need to do their best work on a given day.”

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