Marshall Electronics Introduces CV605-U3 USB-C PTZ Camera

Marshall Electronics’ latest CV605-U3 USB-C PTZ Camera comes with features ideal for virtual learning, streaming and conferencing.

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Marshall Electronics Introduces CV605-U3 USB-C PTZ Camera

Marshall Electronics recently unveiled its USB-based CV605-U3 PTZ Camera with USB-C, IP (Ethernet) and HDMI connectivity. According to the company, the new product will substantially increase ease of use. Marshall Electronics is, of course, the Torrance, Calif.-based manufacturer of broadcast and commercial AV cameras and equipment.

Flexible Output Options

Marshall’s new CV605-U3 PTZ Camera offers flexible output options with USB-C and IP for videoconferencing, collaboration and streaming. HDMI opens a wide range of options with HDMI monitoring or switching workflows. Meanwhile, IP (H.265/H.264) provides an easy, one-cable-to-camera setup and operation. Certified by Zoom, the CV605-U3 can operate seamlessly within a Zoom Room infrastructure. It starts with a wide-angle 85-degree AOV with ultra-low distortion and high-quality video. This sets the standard much higher at this price point.

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Moreover, the CV605-U3 is suitable in USB-C and IP networked HD workflows where image quality is not always the first consideration. It provides ultra-clear images with accurate color. The PTZ camera is also ideal when versatility is of the utmost concern. This includes for videoconferencing, video collaboration, livestreaming, OBS Studio, Zoom and more. Furthermore, the CV605-U3 operates with increased low-light sensitivity. Thus, it ensures a clear picture in variable and challenging lighting conditions.

High Resolution, Privacy Options

The CV605-U3 5X optical zoom camera utilizes a high-performing 2MP sensor to capture crisp HD video. It also delivers up to 1920x1080p resolution at 60fps. Moreover, the wide-angle optical zoom lens offers an 85-degree horizontal angle of view (wide open) with minimal distortion. Also notable is its ability to reach out to 15mm with additional 12x digital zoom.

Additionally, the CV605-U3 comes with a Privacy Mode. Thus, the camera faces straight down when not in use during video calls or when users need to break privately before rejoining a videoconference.

“Protecting intellectual properties and proprietary information while not in video meetings or during breaks was the driving force behind adding the standby mode for privacy,” Tod Musgrave, director of cameras for Marshall Electronics, says. He also cites the camera’s clear video images and multiple connection types to underline its price-to-performance ratio.

According to a statement, Marshall Electronics plans to unfold more consciously priced models through the rest of this year.