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Sony Electronics Introduces Compact 4K SRG-X40UH PTZ Camera

Sony’s new SRG-X40UH PTZ camera features high image quality, versatile connectivity and powerful zoom capability.

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San Diego, Calif.-based Sony Electronics expanded its PTZ camera line-up with the introduction of the new SRG-X40UH. The camera adopts 4K Exmor R CMOS image sensor and delivers high-quality images at 4K. It also features powerful zoom capability with a wide viewing angle, UVC and HDMI connectivity. Sony plans to ship the new device in North America in November 2022.

Per the company, the camera is ideal for remote communication and monitoring in a wide range of growing markets. These include corporate, education and healthcare. With simple functionality and interface connection, the camera easy to connect and use for live streaming video.

As an affordable 4K PTZ camera, the SRG-X40UH will deliver outstanding detail and high-quality imagery, says Sony. It also has natural color reproduction and high sensitivity. This captures facial or other relevant details in remote communications situations, even in low light. In addition, oversampling from 4K will deliver excellent image quality even in FHD.

The SRG-X40UH comes with powerful zoom up to 40x in FHD and 30x in 4K with the Clear Image Zoom technology, combined with an approximately 70-degree wide viewing angle. According to Sony, this will complement smooth and rapid PTZ movement. It also has a ceiling mounting option. Thus, the camera can capture important scenes in different locations. This can range from small conference rooms to large auditoriums.

Additional Features

The SRG-X40UH, with its simple UVC and HDMI connections and PoE+ support, can also integrate into existing systems with minimum cabling. What’s more, it can be remotely controlled through a VISCA/VISCA over IP command.

“Over the past two years, the world has witnessed and adapted to drastic changes in the way we work and learn. Such circumstances have created a pressing demand for efficient remote communication tools like our new SRG-X40UH PTZ camera, which multiple users can access anytime, anywhere with high reliability,” says Theresa Alesso, president, imaging products & solutions Americas, Sony Electronics. “Sony has driven the adoption of 4K technologies for many years, and more now than ever, the additional detail is providing customers and audiences with superior image quality and more options for creativity,” Alesso adds.

Sony reveals it has now over 20 years of technical expertise. The company goes on to state that the range of its PTZ cameras and remote cameras is widely used for remote teaching and communication purposes. Some examples include universities, hospitals, corporate facilities as well as remote production for live events and broadcasts.

Remote Communication in Corporate or Education Settings

From videoconferences to video recording, Sony say its PTZ cameras and remote cameras are reliable options that suit a wide range of teaching spaces and meeting areas. Furthermore, the new SRG camera is silent and discreet. Thus, it is a stylish addition to any boardroom or teaching setting, says the company.

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Per a statement, the cameras enhance teaching and collaborative learning through live streaming. It also connects students and lecturers in real time across different campuses or locations. The 4K clarity further contributes to the increased demand for interactive discussions, streaming and recording for both live and future use.

Medical Environments

The SRG series is currently used in established healthcare facilities. Here, it can remotely monitor patients and equipment to ensure optimum settings for patient care even under low light conditions. The cameras also capture, manage and distribute high-quality footage of clinical procedures live from operating and treatment rooms to lecture halls for training and education purposes.