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Entropik Tech Launches Beta Version of Decode

Entropik Tech launched the beta version of Decode, its new conversational intelligence platform that integrates with existing conferencing ecosystems.

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Entropik Tech has announced the beta launch of its new conversational intelligence platform, Decode. The platform can be integrated with the existing conferencing and collaboration ecosystem.

It also seamlessly gathers conversation data and creates a layer of intelligence on the top. This helps turn conversations into actionable insights, thus increasing the efficiency and productivity of organizations.

Additionally, users will be able to host, record and upload conversations, avail playback with transcription capabilities, index videos and tag conversations. Users can also get access to Emotion AI and sentiment analysis. Moreover, it can be integrated with videoconferencing platforms, including Zoom, Google Meet and Microsoft Teams.

According to the company, the beta sign-up is now open. The platform will be available exclusively for beta users for 60 days. During this period, Entropik’s team will monitor feedback and user input.

The founder and CEO of Entropik Tech, Ranjan Kumar, said, “Being a conversation intelligence platform, [Decode] offers companies a chance to unlock the unlimited potential of all conversations.”

Kumar added that Decode is self-serve and enables users to collate all conversations in one place easily, regardless of the videoconferencing tools used.

According to Entropik, each company involved records thousands of meeting minutes every month. However, more than 80% remain unused. Decode solves this by turning the recordings into useful insights that will increase business productivity.

According to Entropik Tech, Decode will signal a new era in video conversations with its Emotion AI capabilities. Kumar also stated that general availability of Decode will be announced in the next two months.