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Leon’s Interactive FIT Is Sneakily Impressive at ISE 2017

Leon soundbar for video conferencing has a housing for essentially hiding other components and tidying up the look of meeting spaces.

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Leon’s Interactive FIT Is Sneakily Impressive at ISE 2017

Leon Speakers' Interactive FIT is a soundbar for video conferencing that also hides other components in its housing.

If you didn’t see it, that’s kind of the point.

Leon Speakers, known for its speakers that largely target the residential market, debuts a nice solution for conference rooms during Integrated Systems Europe 2017.

Leon’s Interative FIT soundbar is designed to store and conceal video conferencing components within its housing. That means integrators can provide meeting rooms with an audio solution that also serves to tidy up the look of the room by hiding other components.

More from Leon’s press release:

Configurable for any application, the Interactive FIT mounts directly to a display and acts as both an audio source and a compact storage space for devices such as small-form-factor videoconferencing cameras, webcams, mini PCs, small amplifiers, and baluns.

Outfitted with a custom grill handcrafted to match the width of the display, Leon’s new Interactive FIT provides seamless technology integration, while eliminating clutter from commercial AV systems.

More features:

  • Available in two models to accommodate displays up to 96″
  • Internal rack space can accommodate small form factor AV components, such  as webcams, mini PCs, amplifiers, etc.
  • Mounts directly above or below the screen
  • Optional front panel available for additional security
  • Includes custom, hand-stretched grill to match the width of display
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