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3 Questions with Mediasite on Navigating a Digital-First Landscape

Mediasite video platform is unique in that it is designed to capture, record, streamline, archive all of your assets. We sit down with them to learn more.

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Elizabeth Collins of Mediasite joins us this time for another edition of Commercial Integrator 3 Questions. She brings to us her expertise in a unique category of conferencing and video platforming.

Commercial Integrator: what is Mediasite, and what’s the latest product news you’d like to share with our audience?

Elizabeth Collins: Mediasite is a video platform that’s been in the space for over 15 years. We’re hardware/software, designed to capture, record, streamline, archive all of your assets.

With two decades of experience, there’s a lot of new innovations. Two exciting ones include the brand new personal capture tool called Mosaic, a tool to allow average tech users to create content for AV and any visual.

We’ve also introduced a Zoom marketplace integration which allows you to take meetings and publish them into our video platform and have expanded that dramatically so that Zoom admins can select media and publish it at will.

CI: how can Mediasite help navigate a digital-first landscape?

EC: It’s been a very interesting few months! Many don’t understand what the right tool is for the right purpose. There’s a time for web conferencing, a time for live streaming, and a time for on-demand content. Sometimes, someone tries to use one tool for everything.

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We try to help people find the right tool for the right purpose. Teams is great for a half dozen people, but for larger crowds, it isn’t ideal.

CI: from your perspective, what will this fall in education look like?

EC: It continues to be a moving target, but it has a lot to do with geography and certain state policies. The fall will be a blended environment, with some schools completely virtual which start early and end at Thanksgiving. There will be continued opportunities for remote-related technologies.

There’s going to be an increased need for low-touch, high automation.

To learn more about Mediasite, visit the company’s website and watch the video above,