Zoom Launches Phone Provider Exchange Program

Zoom Phone Provider Exchange allows customers to select the provider and country of their choice and provision phone numbers.

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Videoconferencing and communication giant Zoom has launched its new Zoom Phone Provider Exchange, a new partner program designed to enable service provider partners to offer flexible solutions for customers and provide expanded carrier choices and enhanced services for customers.

According to the company, the program allows customers to use the Zoom Phone admin portal to browse and select the provider and country of their choice and seamlessly provision phone numbers over an authorized connection without having to establish a separate relationship with another provider.

For end customers, the program—billed as an enhancement of the company’s Bring Your Own Cloud (BYOC) Peering Partner Program—brings them more telecom providers from Zoom’s ecosystem, and simplifies the setup of bring-your-own-carrier (BYOC) and cloud phone migration.

In addition to expanded carrier choices, customers will get even more value-added services from carrier partners, including local currency support, managed PSTN connectivity and expanded global PSTN services like non-geographic numbers and flexible calling plans, per Zoom’s blog.

The program also allows customers to use self-service phone numbers from their selected partner and provides easier management.

For carriers, managed service providers, aggregators and other Zoom service partners, Zoom Phone Provider Exchange is designed to help them grow their business with new revenue opportunities, including being listed on the Zoom App Marketplace.

The exchange can also help partners reduce their time to market with Zoom’s templated partner toolkit and documentation to simplify app development.

For Zoom Phone customers looking for an approved provider partner, Zoom advises to look for a provider in the Zoom Phone admin portal, connect to the provider from the portal, authorize the provider to upload numbers and then provision numbers.

Zoom lists four Provider Exchange partners to start, including Sippio, Pure IP, NUWAVE Communications and 1-TO-ALL.

The Zoom Phone Provider Exchange is currently available across the globe in over 70 countries.

This story originally appeared on Commercial Integrator’s sister-site MyTechDecisions.com.