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Memorial Golf Classic

Ford AV to Host 15th Annual Charity Golf Tournament for Cancer Research

Ford AV Memorial Golf Classic has raised more than $300,000 for cancer research through annual golf tournament in honor of former employee David Schultz.

Ford AV Innovate Showcase

Ford AV Hosting Innovate Showcase 2019 in Houston April 23

CI’s 2018 Integrator of the Year Ford AV is bringing one-day Innovate Showcase to Houston after it set records as the largest AV showcase in city in 2016.

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AV Business Wisdom from Top Integrators at NSCA BLC 2019

NSCA Business & Leadership Conference kicks off with panel discussion on best practices and lessons learned by some of AV’s brightest stars.

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Our Top Integrator, Plus a Holiday-Themed Surprise: Episode 36 of AV+

On this monthly feature episode of AV podcast, AV+ — Total Tech Summit & integrator of the year Ford AV teaches us key lessons. Plus a holiday surprise.

Ford AV

5 Things Integrators Can Learn from Ford AV, Our 2018 Integrator of the Year

There are plenty of lessons your integration firm can learn from 45-year-old Ford Audio-Video, started in 1973 and still run by Jim and Claire Ford.

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Integrator of the Year: Ford Audio-Video Redefines the Traditional AV Integrator

2018 Integrator of the Year Ford Audio-Video isn’t “traditional” – they’re “principle-based,” says Ford AV founder Jim Ford. Ask an employee & you’ll see.

Ford Audio-Video, Ford AV

Ford AV Keeps Promises and Grows Consistently as a Result

Ford Audio-Video has the entertainment AV market practically eating out of its hand. That’s because of a consistency unmatched by many competitors.

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18 Fast-Growing AV Integration Firms and What You Should Learn from Them

2018 Fast-Growing Firms lists the most prominent AV integration firms in the AV industry – they’re growing through acquisition, new markets & more.

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14 Amazing AV Integration Projects Which Won Integration Awards This Year

These fine examples of audio video installations are all deserving of CI’s 2018 Integration Awards for how they solved commercial integration challenges.

large LED video wall, HeyDay, Ford AV

Ford AV Creates a 61-Foot LED Video Wall Above HeyDay’s Bowling Lanes

HeyDay Entertainment’s large LED video wall, installed by Ford AV, is one of a few systems Ford installed in a new flagship entertainment location.