Forecasting Network Control Solutions and Microsoft’s Impact at InfoComm 2016

At this year’s show in Las Vegas, expect many companies to be moving towards the cloud as a control platform. When it comes to Microsoft, don’t expect them to be exhibiting solo.

Emerging Video Trends That May Surprise You at This Year’s InfoComm

Rumor has it that at least three manufacturers will demonstrate a product that utilizes the AVB standard for transporting video on the InfoComm 2016 show floor, and you may find a few audio companies have made moves into video as well.

Evolution vs. Innovation: Audio Trends to Look for at InfoComm 2016

While Dante and AVB have become established audio trends, companies are now finding their own solutions to transport audio across the network.

layoffs, 650 employees, Harman Professional Solutions,

How Harman’s Latest Products Are Making AV/IT Convergence Easy

The large electronics manufacturer is briefing professional A/V dealers on its brands and its efforts to design complete system solutions.

Meet Proxima’s New High-Resolution WUXGA Projector

Proxima Displays adds to its M1000 Series with 5,000-lumen M1030U projector.

Why #DaytonaRising Should Be Trending After Daytona 500

NASCAR’s rebuilt Daytona 500 venue — known as Daytona Rising — is a technological marvel with truly massive amounts of audio and video.

Response to AMX Backdoor: Let’s Talk Network Security at ISE 2016

As news of AMX’s hidden backdoor accounts shake the AV industry, AV Nation plans a roundtable discussion about network security for ISE 2016 in Amsterdam.

AMX Combats ‘Hidden Backdoor’ Reports with Statement

Statement addresses hidden back door allegations, reason for sinister ‘black widow’ name, potential breaches and its internal security review.

Should You Be Worried About the Hidden ‘Backdoor’ in AMX Control Products?

In short, no. The backdoor in AMX’s control processor should not allow secret tapping into corporate meetings or large-scale hijacking. But it will give you an opportunity to demonstrate your value to clients.

Harman’s Acquisitions of AMX, SVSi Lead to Single-Manufacturer, Customer Aligned Approach

Harman pro president Blake Augsburger explains how a restructured, customer market-focused strategy will make life easier for integrators and their clients.