Aurora ReAX Products are the First in a New Standard for IP Control

Aurora ReAX is the first series dedicated to the new ReAX IP control protocol, which CEO Paul Harris says is “like HDBaseT or SDVoE, but for control.”

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Aurora Multimedia is pushing for “non-proprietary” in their latest IP control products, Aurora ReAX series control boxes and panels. The company calls it the “first non-proprietary IP Control based on AV/IT industry standards” which provides both integrators and end users more options that make sense for individual projects.

It also eliminates the need for proprietary code training, the company says.

According to Aurora:

“ReAX is unique since it is not limited to a single manufacturer but to all who qualify. This is for the first-time, interoperability of not just protocols and structure, but the actual code itself. It is not limited there as IR libraries, macros, and more can all be shared and organized in a single location at the organizations’ website”

More features of the Aurora ReAX series:

  • Custom programming and GUIs created with free ReAX Core Studio software
  • Virtually any device with a web browser can display the GUI and control the system
  • Small size and flexible architecture allow the controllers to be used as a full standalone controller, an expansion controller, or a hybrid of the 2 for a distributed control network
  • Full complement of LAN, RS-232, relay, I/O, and IR ports for controlling external devices
  • IR receiver enables the internal IR learner – no extra hardware required
  • LAN port is also capable of power over Ethernet (PoE)

See Auora CEO Paul Harris review more on the ReAX series in the video above

“We’re creating this separate organization called ReAX with adopters and contributors,” says Paul Harris in the video above. “Yes, believe it or not, we’re going to open it up to our competitors so that source codes and protocols can work between all different manufacturers.”

“In this way, you can choose which products you want to use together — think of it like an HDMI, SDVoE or HDBaseT, but for control.”

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