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BTX Technologies’ BTX BookIT Room Scheduling Solution 2.0 Adds Impromptu ‘Meet Now’ Feature

A free upgrade for qualified BTX Technologies customers, BTX BookIT Room Scheduling Solution 2.0 allows for quick scheduling of impromptu meetings without logging in.

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BTX Technologies says its BookIT room scheduling solution 2.0 has been released. Among the new features is “Meet Now” which allows people to quickly and simply book an available meeting room for impromptu meetings without even logging in.

BookIT was launched internationally by BTX Technologies at ISE 2017.

With the Meet Now feature on BookIT 2.0, the touch panel will let users know the time of the next scheduled meeting.  The room will appear as occupied through Exchange, Office 365 and G Suite for others looking for an available meeting space, according to a press release by the value-added distributor and solutions provider.

The room will appear as occupied through Exchange, Office 365 and G Suite for others looking for an available meeting space.

More from BTX Technologies on BookIT 2.0

The BookIT 2.0 room scheduling solution is used to schedule a meeting from any BookIT touch panel, mobile device or computer and directly integrates with MS Exchange™, Office 365™ and Google G Suite™.

No additional server or application is needed to run BookIT, and it is simple to implement, cost effective, fits into any décor and creates more efficient use of meeting spaces.

… BookIT 2.0 also provides a deeper view into the network of BookIT devices.  From any BookIT device, you can see the availability of all other rooms in the system, along with meeting details.  In addition to new user features, administrators can now schedule the hibernation of screens to save resources.

“Version 2.0 adds substantial capabilities to BookIT while retaining its intuitive UI and simple installation,” says Greg Schwartz, president and CEO, BTX Technologies. “We continue to process feedback from our integration partners and end users.  We utilize that information and fine tune our product roadmap to include features end users really need.”

BookIT is a free upgrade for BTX customers that have software maintenance in place.

BTX provides a series of mounts for the BookIT device including recess mount, switchbox mount and mullion mount.

The system includes BookIT Room Scheduling Software, a 7-inch BookIT PoE touch panel device, a wall mounting system (bracket included), power adapter (for use when PoE is unavailable) and the Device Management Portal.

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