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TSL Products Launches Worldwide Virtual Training Program

TSL Products’ support engineers launch interactive online training program for the TallyMan advance broadcast control system.

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TSL Products Launches Worldwide Virtual Training Program

TSL Products is offering a virtual training program for its TallyMan advanced broadcast control system to customers around the globe.

TSL’s TallyMan “brings complex systems under a single point of control and minimizes operational complexity, allowing staff to deliver high-quality outputs with minimal risk of error,” according to the company announcement.

“This virtual training course aims to ensure that users are armed with the knowledge to unlock the full capabilities of the control system,” the TSL announcement says.

TSL Products is also offering “more targeted, broken-down sessions aimed towards key customers, including systems integrators,” according to the company announcement.

The sessions are led by TSL customer support engineer Ben Bate, who recently commissioned a control layer as part of a technical upgrade at Scottish TV (STV), Scotland’s most popular peak-time station.

This virtual and interactive course allows participants to configure their TallyMan system independently via a remote team-viewer session.

“By empowering operators and engineers and giving them complete control of the system, their job becomes much easier,” said Bate. “We’re excited to take advantage of our new remote training environment, complete with devices and emulators from major broadcast manufacturers including Grass Valley, Sony and Riedel.

“This will allow users to build and test real systems and gain confidence in their ability to deploy TallyMan to meet today’s challenges,” he said.

TallyMan Virtual Training Program

The first lesson of the program is an introduction to TallyMan and device interfaces including routing control. In this first lesson, users will learn how to connect and debug interfaces to real devices and configure user interfaces to interact with them.

In lesson two, attendees will be guided through a deep dive of the TallyMan Virtual Panel (TMVP) and device control. Attendees will learn how to design user-friendly virtual panel interface and control devices such as robotic cameras, allowing operators to access systems across a facility from a simple and focused control surface.

Program attendees will also be guided through configuring physical TallyMan Control Panels (TMCP).

During the program’s third lesson, customers will implement tally management and configuration of multi-viewers and UMDs. This includes instruction on emergency change over systems and building a functional tally system connected to router and switcher emulators.

Lastly, lesson four will focus on higher level functions including signal grouping and automated routing. Participants will also be supplied with an exercise sheet that provides directions for configuring many of these elements and more, ensuring that customers have access to all of the tools they need in order to get the most out of their system.

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