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Crestron Room Scheduling Makes Locating and Booking Meeting Spaces Simple

Fully standalone solution ‘quickly connects the right people to the right space,’ adding efficiency to meetings.

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Crestron recently announced the availability of its Room Scheduling technology, which adds a level of productivity for organizations with multiple conference rooms and meeting spaces, “which provides convenient room scheduling to suit the needs of any organization,” according to a press release from the company announcing its availability.

Crestron Scheduling Touch Screens “connect directly to Microsoft Exchange or other popular calendaring programs, such as Google Calendar and IBM Notes, to book impromptu meetings on panels outside of rooms or search for and book spaces based on location, number of attendees, and type of meeting,” according to a Crestron press release.

Here’s more about the Crestron Room Scheduling tool:

The TSW-732 and TSS-752 Room Scheduling touchscreens are mounted on the wall outside each room, the bright LED indicators on the panels are clearly visible from long distance, allowing anyone to see if a room is available or in use without walking to each room. Room availability and meeting details are displayed on the 7-inch screen.

If the room is available for the amount of time needed, book the room on the fly with just one touch. Alternatively, scroll through the room calendar to confirm upcoming meetings, or find open time slots and book the space for future meetings.

With Crestron Room Scheduling, users can:
• Connect directly to existing scheduling software
• Instantly book rooms
• Confirm meeting details
• Deliver reporting and analytics on room usage
• Detect room occupancy (optional)

“In today’s complex work environment, finding the right meeting space quickly is critical for success,” said Dan Jackson, Crestron director of enterprise technology. “With Crestron Room Scheduling, you can connect the right people to the right space with the right technology to get your work done.”

Cloud-based or On-Premises Deployment
Crestron Room Scheduling can be either be deployed in the cloud or on-premises. Cloud-based deployment, leveraging Microsoft Azure, is the quickest and easiest way to get up and running, and offers the lowest total cost of ownership. Crestron Room Scheduling in the cloud provides tight integration with Microsoft Exchange 2010 or 2013, Microsoft Office 365 and supports Google Calendar.

Clients can host Crestron Room Scheduling on their own server or virtual machine (VM), which is isolated from external networks. The on-premises solution is compatible with Microsoft Exchange 2010 or 2013, Microsoft Office 365 and supports IBM Notes, CollegeNET and R25 software.

Click here to learn more about Crestron Room Scheduling.

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