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Ensuring True Cloud Control

Cloud controlled remote monitoring and management has the potential to make projects more efficient and valuable for integrators & clients.

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Integrators need to be ensuring that they choose systems which best suits customer needs… while maintaining ease of setup and control.

Kramer’s Control solution migrates all setup logic to the cloud.

“All of the programming is done in the cloud. You sign into a web browser and you can see projects, make changes, design your system, and make it do what you need it to do,” says Tom Kopin, global engineering specialist, Kramer.

“Every control system has a process of getting that programming from the computer to the control processer in the room,” he says.

“We do that over the internet. With a single push of the button, from wherever you are, you can take that programming file you’ve been working on and send it to the customer site. Whether it’s in the network that you’re in or a thousand miles away, you can update that configuration.”

That also means that new features and drivers for third party devices are updated immediately. All files are stored and organized in the cloud. Most importantly, the browser-based Kramer Control software can be accessed from any Mac, PC, Chromebook, or Linux device. Even building drivers is web-based.

This new download “The First and Only Cloud Control Option in the AV Industry” provides an introduction to a new way of controlling AV solutions, including:

  • Ease of updating
  • Cybersecurity considerations
  • Remote monitoring

Download your copy today for insights into the benefits of cloud computing for the AV industry.