Simplify network management and get true seamless roaming with wireless controllers

TRENDnet’s Wireless Controller Kits each manages up to 128 APs, and allows client devices to move across a network seamlessly from AP to AP.

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Simplify network management and get true seamless roaming with wireless controllers

Wireless controllers help manage multiple access points (APs) from a centralized management interface, reducing time spent on network maintenance. In addition to simplified management and setup processes, TRENDnet’s Wireless Controller Kits introduce next-generation technology to deliver seamless roaming capabilities for users moving from access point to access point on the same network.

There are a countless number of devices that utilize wireless technology and there are a countless number of applications that require wireless. From Wi-Fi for smart TVs to wireless audio systems and other wireless AV equipment, having a stable and reliable wireless connection is essential.

TRENDnet’s Wireless Controller Kits each includes TRENDnet’s new wireless hardware controller (TEW-WLC100), and two PoE indoor access points with injectors. The kits are available in two models: the AC1200 Dual Band Wireless Controller Kit (TEW-821DAP2KAC), and the N300 Wireless Controller Kit (TEW-755AP2KAC).

Centralized AP management allows you to easily configure, manage, monitor network status connections, and perform firmware upgrades on up to 128 APs. Upload floor plans using WAP Maps™ for a visual overview of each access point’s location.

To provide the best seamless WiFi roaming conditions, TRENDnet’s hardware controller utilizes intelligent radio resource management; this creates a more efficient WiFi roaming environment by intelligently managing neighboring APs and passing mobile clients to the next best AP. For a faster and seamless transition, fast BSS transition (or fast roaming) and Opportunistic Key Caching (OKC) pre-authenticate WiFi clients with neighboring APs.

TRENDnet’s wireless controller will later feature Airtime Fairness which automatically determines which clients have priority over others. This smart WiFi feature frees up your WiFi resources by identifying clients that are faster and closer to an AP, and then assigning them the highest priority; clients that are slower and further away have a lower priority. Airtime Fairness will become available through a firmware update later this year.

Wireless mobility is crucial for busy network environments with bandwidth intensive applications such as video conferencing and VoIP. With that in mind, TRENDnet’s wireless controller and wireless controller kits were created to take the guesswork out of providing uninterrupted mobile WiFi connectivity.