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10 Tips for Creating Effective Digital Signage Content

To effectively sell digital signage, it’s important to tap into customers’ challenges related to digital signage content.

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Not everybody can nerd out when it comes to AV gear.

In fact, most can’t. On the other hand, most people can get pretty excited about content — TV shows, YouTube videos, memes, GIFs, you name it.

As such, many of the folks who sell digital signage solutions (many of them AV nerds, for sure) tend to bury the lead when presenting solutions to their customers.

Instead of emphasizing dynamic and compelling content solutions, they often want to talk about the boxes that make the system tick. Those boxes are critical, of course, but maybe they’re not grabbing your customers the way they might grab you.

For integrators, content is a tricky thing. Most don’t actually offer their digital signage customers a content solution. So it’s easy to see why they might not want to lead with that part of the equation.

Even if they don’t offer digital signage content creation in-house there are options to offer it through a third-party provider. Regardless of how the customer is getting their digital signage content, integrators need to be able to lead a conversation about content.

Content is what your digital signage customers want to talk about, so talk about it.

A free Commercial Integrator webcast, The Forward-Thinking Integrator’s Guide to Content Creation, runs through 10 tips for creating effective digital signage content. They include:

  1. Listen to your customers
  2. Ask the right questions
  3. Know your capabilities
  4. Realize recurring revenue opportunities
  5. Applications matter
  6. Emphasize content
  7. Be motivated by profitability
  8. Customers don’t always know best
  9. Think beyond hardware
  10. It’s about objectives, not hardware

Jay Saret of distributor Almo Professional AV, which offers content creation services, and Jim Nista of content creation firm Insteo share their insights.

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