Downstream Utilizes Scalable Display Technologies Technology at Boise State University

Downstream recently utilized Scalable Display Technologies for an interactive, art-centric project at Boise State University.

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Downstream Utilizes Scalable Display Technologies Technology at Boise State University

Portland, Ore.-based Downstream recently utilized Cambridge, Mass.-based Scalable Display Technologies for an unconventional project at Boise State University.

According to a statement, the former has created compelling brand experiences for companies such as Microsoft, Verizon and others, while the latter produces software that calibrates the color, intensity and geometry of images from multiple projectors. This helps create a single, seamless digital display.

The Downstream-Scalable Partnership

“Downstream is uniquely positioned,” Trent Hays, technical principal for Downstream, says. “We’re a bit different than a typical AV consultant because we create content, build the story and provide custom software development. We are putting our content onscreen, which creates another level of complexity. We see the project through the very end.”

Hays adds that many technical and environmental challenges often don’t unveil themselves until onsite. However, the team remains deeply involved in every step of the installation process. He continues, “We create a lot of corporate executive briefing centers, executive lobbies and unique corporate experiential technology. We develop design strategies, branded environments and immersive experiences for our clients. Many of these projects are incredibly intricate and require the highest quality technology with unique technological features. Because of that, we’ve built a longstanding relationship with Scalable.”

Hays further remarks that the company is working on various projects where Scalable plays a key role. He then cites the interactive, art-centric project at Boise State University.

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High Performance, One Touch Calibration

At Boise State University, Downstream says it utilized ultra-short drill lenses on glass with a front projection film applied. The projection was a small piece of a much larger, complex solution.

Downstream further adds that it recognized Scalable’s capabilities. This helped in providing a projection solution that contributed to a significantly large project.

Hays then goes on to explain the integration process. He expands, “We integrated eight projectors with 18 glass-paneled systems that we custom-designed with projection film and capacitive touch film to create a seamless 270-degree experience.”

Person in front of video wall. The installation was completed by Downstream.According to Hays, the design features comprehensive interactivity throughout all three walls. “…We were able to automate much of the projection with Scalable to create a sustainable and interactive projection solution,” he states.

Additionally, Scalable provides users with a unique technical advantage. This involves pairing the highest pixel performance with quick, seamless calibration.

“Scalable’s one-touch calibration allows us to automate the calibration process,” Hays remarks. He adds that they schedule the calibration during downtime. In doing so, it has eliminated the need for a human to operate and adjust the system.

Hays proclaims, “…Before Scalable, we would manually calibrate projectors. It was incredibly tedious and time-consuming. If the projector needed maintenance, it would need to be recalibrated. Scalable allows us to automate steps and reduce the time necessary to maintain a high-level system. It lets us think on a very large scale with projection.”

Praise for Scalable’s Technology

According to a statement, Scalable’s proprietary technology was developed at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) by Dr. Rajeev Surati and Dr. Tom Knight. The company has acquired 12 patents relating to edge blending, warping and color-calibration technology. Hays notes that the developers understand the power and flexibility of the solution.

Hays further states, “…They have continued to build new functionality and configuration options. We appreciate and value their commitment to innovation. There’s a lot of flexibility in Scalable’s solutions, which supplements the flexibility that we’ve created in our software frameworks.”

Besides this, Scalable says its in-house customer support team provides a range of experience and technical knowledge beyond warping and blending. The team has broad expertise in 3D rendering, advanced graphics, machine vision and the latest projection technologies. This extensive experience enables them to provide reliable and knowledgeable customer and technical support.

For Hays, the expertise proves to be beneficial. He remarks, “Scalable provides us with quality service and support, especially as we’re installing it in the field.” He goes on, “Their detailed understanding of the technical challenges in the projection field is unparalleled….They’re willing to go above and beyond.” He also remarks that he has highly recommended Scalable to others in the AV industry.

Hays adds, “Scalable supports us during onsite installations. At the beginning of our relationship, I was commissioning and installing the solution. I became intimately familiar with the technology. Scalable has taken that component off my plate. They’ve been a consistent partner for us. They provide us with reliable personnel from their team to support us during our installations. Their support has been very powerful as a partnership.”