Visix AxisTV Alert Software Works with Any Digital Signage CMS

Now shipping, Visix AxisTV Alert Software for sending mass notification messaging works with any digital signage content management solution (CMS).

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Visix AxisTV Alert Software Works with Any Digital Signage CMS

Visix AxisTV Alert Software

Integrators know how important interoperability is, especially when it comes to a mass notification emergency communication (MNEC) solution. That’s why the now-shipping Visix AxisTV Alert Software is appealing – it works with any digital signage content management solution (CMS).

This stand-alone alerting platform can be used with any CMS, including Visix’s own AxisTV Signage Suite, and easily integrates with popular third-party alerting suites like Alertus and Rave Mobile Safety, according to the company

“We’re excited to launch this new app after beta testing it since December,” says Trey Hicks, chief sales officer, Visix.

“Today’s school districts, colleges and even corporate campuses are very serious about on-site safety, and our software is a great addition to their crisis communications toolkit. It’s very gratifying to help organizations keep their people safe.”

More on Visix AxisTV Alert Software (via press release):

AxisTV Alert is built around Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) standards, and has been designed for high reliability, scalability and performance.

The user interface is streamlined and dedicated to alert functionality, with time-saving workflows to ensure that critical alerts and updates can be sent across a digital signage system in seconds.

Clients can use the app to send out emergency alerts, safety notices or important reminders, with multiple messages running on the system at once or a single message overriding all screens for a selected time period.

The platform combines a central alert management application (AxisTV Alert) with playback software (AxisTV Siren) for an unlimited number of players, and can be used with both on-premise and hosted signage systems.

AxisTV Alert uses asynchronous and multi-thread processing for high performance while 1) consuming CAP messages from third-party mass notification vendors and 2) rapidly communicating with media players running Siren.

AxisTV Alert also provides customization options, letting clients configure standard fields like headline, description, instructions, contact and web link.

The software automatically sizes message text to fit the display area on screen, and clients can style their alert messages with choices for font, color, style, background image and more.

Integrators and tech managers can learn more about AxisTV Alert by contacting Visix at