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Finally… Data Demonstrating Digital Signage ROI

The numbers are in and when it comes to retail there is a really strong case for investing in digital signage.

Daniel Newman

For most retailers the idea of digital signage leads to two things:

1) Lots of interest because consumers expect technology as part of their shopping experience.

2) Discomfort due to the struggle to measure the return on investment.

For integrators, selling digital signage is about moving a product and service to help our clients meet a need, however with so much growth in marketing channels due to the rapid proliferation of internet and social media, marketers are more challenged than ever before to define the return on their marketing efforts. 

This is because digital signage is just another piece of the pie for retail marketers. Much like print advertising, interactive marketing and other forms of media there is a certain pressure on them to quantify their spend on this type of marketing which can be expensive and infrastructure intensive.

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The good news is the numbers are in and when it comes to retail, there is a really strong case for digital signage.

The first reason that digital signage makes so much sense for retailers is the alignment it has with marketing goals for brands. In a recent survey of digital marketed conducted by ExactTarget (and covered by Global Banking & Finance Review) it was found that marketers have two overarching goals with their digital efforts:

  • Driving Revenue: 46 percent
  • Brand Awareness: 44 percent

The second reason that digital signage makes so much sense is because despite the fact that there are more and more online services available, people still want to do retail activities live (face-to-face).

Retail and Banking Serves as Examples

In the same study, the retail banking industry was explored.

While the growth of internet banking services has shot up over the past several years, it turns out that consumers actually intend on making equal or more visits to their bank branches than in the past years.

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