LG’s New 88-inch Stretch Display Takes Digital Signage to New Heights. Or Widths.

LG introduces an extended wide format commercial display to maximize messaging in out-of-the-ordinary installations.

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LG’s New 88-inch Stretch Display Takes Digital Signage to New Heights. Or Widths.

The ultimate aim of digital signage is to have as many people as possible see a message in a given area, and take action. The more eye-catching the signage, the greater the engagement will be with customers.

Businesses with spaces where traditional rectangular displays would not fit often use static signs and images that go virtually unnoticed. But those spaces have great potential and could be used to grab customer attention.

LG’s new 88-inch Ultra Stretch display (model 88BH7D) departs from the conventional 16:9 aspect ratio so it imparts a significantly different feel that is attention-grabbing and cutting-edge. In portrait mode, it gives the user over seven feet by nearly two feet of vertical screen space to present content in an immersive 32:9 aspect ratio. The display can also be used in landscape mode, and even present content in up to four divided picture-by-picture sections. Because it’s so different, it is ideally suited for areas where you want to make a strong branding statement, such as a building’s entryway.

Available with a touch screen overlay and rated for 24/7 operation, the 88-inch Ultra Stretch display makes an incredibly effective wayfinding display, menu board or digital banner in a broad array of commercial applications. It can be placed, for example, freestanding in an area where there might normally be a mannequin. Other placements can be in shop interiors, as indoor sign boards, on building columns, retail pillars or suspended from airport ceilings to provide wayfinding and flight information without obstructing the concourse view.

Premium retail store interiors with media poles also present unique placement opportunities. Approaching customers are immediately drawn to the extended wide format of dynamic imagery, as the stretched display turns an ordinary pillar into a moving showpiece. Such applications can be sensor-driven, so that approaching customers activate a video where a life-size spokesperson talks to them and makes purchase suggestions. In addition, facial recognition software can enable customer-targeted messaging.

The display is also well-suited for corporate settings, hotels, healthcare facilities, public arenas, bus/subway/train stations, galleries, theaters, stock exchanges and money exchange boards.

To stop passersby in their tracks, the display delivers breathtaking image quality with Ultra HD (3,840 x 1,080) resolution, 700-nit brightness, and IPS (In-Plane Switching) screen technology to ensure accurate color saturation and contrast from virtually any viewing angle — extremely important in areas with heavy foot traffic.

Displays can be layered together for an artistic video wall, or installed in a square pillar to create a 360-degree video column. Built-in system-on-a-chip (SoC) enables seamless synced playback — eliminating the need to install PCs or media players to drive the content on each display. Users can also edit content through LG’s SuperSign™ Premium, which distributes and syncs content to the display’s playlist without the use of another device.

Businesses today are looking for exciting new ways to define their brand, attract and engage customers and influence decisions. LG is a display manufacturer with a penchant for innovative thinking, and sees this as an exciting opportunity to design displays that can further augment traditional rectangular displays in places customers would not otherwise expect them. LG’s 88-inch Ultra Stretch display will stretch your messaging capabilities further than ever.

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