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Peerless-AV Introduces Upgraded All-in-One Kiosk Powered by BrightSign

KIPICT2555 all-in-one kiosk is an integrated solution for indoor applications, including in hospitality, retail, corporate, entertainment and education.

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Peerless-AV Introduces Upgraded All-in-One Kiosk Powered by BrightSign

Peerless-AV recently introduced the second generation of its All-in-One Kiosk powered by BrightSign (KIPICT2555).

Featuring “a sleek and stylish design with lean frames and a smaller footprint,” the All-in-One Kiosk “seamlessly creates a complete digital signage solution for any indoor application setting,” according to the Peerless-AV press release.

The All-in-One Kiosk, powered by a BrightSign XT1144 expanded I/O player, will find applications in hospitality, retail, corporate, transportation, entertainment, education and other vertical markets.

The updated kiosk delivers Full HD 1080p60 single video decoding, HTML support, networked content playback and features including interactivity via the GPIO port, remote snapshot, live text, media feeds and multi-zone.

With an integrated 55-inch commercial LCD display offering 10 points of IR touch, the All-in-One Kiosk engages users through a Wi-Fi-enabled device, such as a tablet, computer or phone.

All-in-One Kiosk

“With a continued focus on providing customers with fully integrated solutions, we are excited to introduce the latest iteration of our popular All-in-One Kiosk powered by BrightSign,” said Brian McClimans, Peerless-AV’s VP of sales for North America and APAC, in the company announcement.

“The new All-in-One Kiosk now includes a slimmer design and a new media player that delivers faster and more powerful HTML and graphics engine as well as an HDMI input to play content from other devices. From wayfinding to entertainment to advertising to digital merchandising, the new All-in-One Kiosk can be easily implemented to create an interactive customer experience,” said McClimans in the Peerless-AV announcement.

All-in-One Kiosk Top Features

Top features of the updated All-in-One Kiosk include:

  • Ultra-slim design offering protection for any indoor application environment
  • Quick and easy setup via micro SD card, USB or cable
  • 10-points of IR touch to fully engage users
  • HTML5 engine supporting playback of content and modular assets layered with video
  • HDMI input to play content from other devices
  • Full HD video playback even when in Mosaic Mode
  • Faster and more powerful HTML and graphics engine
  • Ability to update messaging and interact with the kiosk via Ethernet, WiFi or the BrightSign App
  • The use of live data and media feeds to display popular news, finance, weather or social media feeds